Volunteering – Adults’ role in the group

We welcome the help of all parents and carers, as well as other adults,  in our group. We hope that you will enjoy being part of our team. You may–

  • want to stay and play with the child in your care for a session
  • want to volunteer as a helper at a session
  • have a skill to offer the group – gardening, woodwork, IT, computing.  This may be something you would like to share with the children, or a skill that could help with the management, and running, of the group
  • want to be on the committee

Any help is welcome, and if you have a special skill, please talk to a member of the committee or staff – we will put it to good use!

Please be aware that if you’re working with the children on a regular basis, you would be required to undergo a PVG (Protecting Vulnerable Groups) check.  This is a legal requirement by our regulatory bodies.  We would let you know if the work you’re interested in doing requires a check and what it would entail.  Please speak to us if you want more information.